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Why Courageous Creativity Is Risky

I used to think that I wasn’t the creative type until I realized that I was selling myself short. Can you relate to this? We are presented with daily opportunities to use our gifts and talents to make an impact. We should never underestimate the influence that we have and the responsibility that comes with it. Someone is looking for what we have? There are inventions, ideas, and solutions that need to be released but we must be willing to accept the risk involved with Courageous Creativity.

You may be wondering what those risks are:

Being Misunderstood

Oftentimes the vision that you have will be for you. Many people, even those closest to you will not understand it but don’t let that stop you from creating. The vision was given to YOU for a reason.

Navigating Saturated Markets

The fear of measuring up is real. It can lead to a never ending fall into the comparison trap and it can also cause you to deal with imposter syndrome. You need to know that just because someone is doing something that you have a desire to do doesn’t mean that you can’t do it too! Just focus on doing it in a way that is undeniably true to the vision that was given to you.

Dealing with delay or denial

As you journey through the process of bringing your vision to life you will experience challenges. Sometimes your progress will stall and other times it may seem like you can’t push through the barriers that are in your way. You can either use these challenges as a springboard or allow them to hold you back. The choice is yours. I want to encourage you to keep going and if you need to stop for rest, do so as often as possible.

Outgrowing Your Current Surroundings

As you grow, face your fears, and learn how to navigate challenging situations, you will develop a new way of thinking. This mindset shift will cause you to feel uncomfortable with the status quo that you’ve become accustomed to. This could lead to you gaining confidence and moving further out of your comfort zone.

There are a few of the risks that I have personally experienced and my question to you is, “Are you willing to take the risk?” Are you willing to create courageously in order to make an impact? If so, let me be the first to tell you to “Go For It!”

Listen to Episode 3 of the Daily Becoming Podcast, "Courageous Creativity" with special guest Jessica Walker now!

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