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21 Lessons From 2021

This year was one for the books in many ways. I decided to take some time and reflect on thelessons that have always been pervasive, lessons that I learned, and lessons that I still have room to grow in. I'll be taking ALL of them with me into the New Year. The list isn't in any particular order but they surprisingly flow well. I go into more detail in the final podcast episode for the year.Feel free to listen on your favorite platform AND stay tuned for more amazing interviews in the coming year! I will be praying for God's best for you in the coming year!

  • God Is Good

  • Pray more, worry less

  • Speak the Word

  • Focus on the good

  • Be Honest with yourself

  • Take Action

  • One Day at a time

  • Ask for help

  • Expect the help

  • Press Pause

  • It’s ok to start over

  • Be open to change

  • Lean into your strengths

  • Accept your areas of needed growth (or weakness)

  • Address things head on

  • Mind your business

  • Take the leap

  • Failure is an option

  • Extend the grace that you need

  • Maintain a growth mindset

  • Prioritize Relationships

Check out Episode 12 of the Daily Becoming Podcast for my thoughts on each lesson!

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