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Be Kind To Yourself

I was listening to a podcast last week entitled, “Taking Care Of Yourself” and it instantly inspired me to write down my thoughts around the subject. First of all, why is it so hard for us as Women to take care of ourselves? It seems like a foreign concept but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, when I’m worn out from neglecting myself, it affects everything! Whether or not we have biological children, as Women, we are constantly nurturing something or somebody. It’s just in our nature and it’s a beautiful thing but we need to be mindful about creating boundaries. These boundaries have to begin with us!

We have to draw the line and resist the tendency that we have to overdo. If we consistently find ourselves burnt out, we need to take some time to pinpoint the reasons why we continue to circle that wagon? Could it be acceptance? Maybe it’s validation? It could potentially be pride. It can be a tough pill to swallow but we often miss the mark when it comes to self care. There isn’t any spa, getaway, or other luxury that will serve as a substitute for self-reflection. So what does being kind to yourself mean? What does it look like? I personally think that is a question that we all have to ask ourselves as often as possible. Here are a few prompts that may help you to establish some boundaries for yourself this week:

  • What things do I need to say “ No” to?

  • Where am I overdoing things and where can I scale back?

  • Are there opportunities for outsourcing that I should tap into?

  • Am I managing my time well?

  • Where do I need increased accountability?

  • Am I overcompensating for what may be a perceived need?

Ladies being kind to yourself will also require time and patience but remember that God has given us His Grace and that is

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