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5 Reasons To Normalize Starting Over

Did you know that you can start over? I want to tell you that you can and that you need to silence the voices that try to tell you otherwise. Oftentimes that voice is our own and when we subscribe to this thought process we single-handedly and sometimes unknowingly participate in self sabotage. We keep ourselves from progressing and experiencing the growth that we need to make necessary change in our lives. Starting over needs to be normalized and here are five reasons why:

We were created for more

We can’t allow our current circumstances to lower the expectations that we have of ourselves and our surroundings. We were created to make an impact and to leave a legacy. When was the last time you stopped to consider what your legacy will be?

Our hopes, dreams, and goals matter

Stop putting your hopes, dreams, and goals on a shelf. We have to constantly keep these things in the forefront of our mind no matter what. Yes, we will wear many hats but we owe it to ourselves to create space to pursue our dreams.

We need to embrace change

Let’s say this together, “Change IS Good!” This statement is true but change can also be scary. Being courageous in the face of change does not negate the fact that fear will still exist. Don’t let fear keep you from embracing change.

Our surroundings will make the necessary adjustments

We make the mistake of allowing the opinions of others to hold us hostage. When we decide to make necessary changes in our lives, our surroundings will either make the necessary adjustments OR the people and things that we thought we needed will fall off.

We need to take necessary risks

There will be risks involved with starting over. It’s a part of the process that we will become more comfortable with when we lean into it. Risk taking requires action.

So are you feeling a nudge that you can’t ignore? It may be time to make some changes, take some risks, and normalize starting over.

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