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Leading By Example

Over the past few months and honestly since the start of the pandemic, I began wrestling with my purpose as a blogger/content creator. I began wondering if I was offering value to the lives of other women like myself beyond a product recommendation or a curated social media feed. I decided that I wanted to pivot and create something new but I was also gripped by an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. ALL of the questions and "what if's" starting to run through my mind like: How would this be received? Can I sustain this? Do I have the resources?

I prayed and asked God for clarity but I still had this nagging sense of uncertainty. I went back and forth with these questions but I also did something that I've never done before, I began to move on the idea. This was in July and it was during that time that I decided that I wanted to make the idea a reality in September.

Well here we are and I'm excited to introduce you to Affirm U. Like me, it will be a work in progress but my prayer is that it will inspire women to Live Bold, Beautiful, & Brilliant in the face of worry, doubt, and fear. I pray that the content will encourage you to trust in the certainty of God's plan for your everyday life



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